Wavy Design Brochure Template

This microsoft® Word make a four page general Business Brochure template for an marketing consulting company or any other company, utilizing this template, featuring a light green flourish design as the background and you can also add your own background, replace or add pictures, modify colors, scale, move and crop graphic parts, replace the filler… Read More »

Script Writing Template

A MS Word, TV or Movie scripts template that can aid you write a professional looking script for movie, TV of plays. If you are new to script writing, planning to write a libretto of any kind, the good news is that this template makes writing for screenplay format is more intuitive and easier today… Read More »

Composition Book Pattern Template

A composition Notebook template developed in Microsoft Word is one of a type of notebook for usually used by students and writers. Although available in numerous colors, the unique marbled black and white cover, with its general label on the top front, is the irresistible favorite. The paper in a composition notebook template is usually… Read More »

User Manual Template

This microsoft® Word general purpose Manual template, have a wrap page, table of content, and entire documentation your organization. Instructions illustrate organization how to modify each section to their particular requirement. Italicized text is also utilizes to refer readers to the linked section in the manual. You may insert, modify, and/or eliminate the process and… Read More »

Family Tree Chart Template

This Family History book template made with MS Word is a easy to use and powerful template which helps you create your great family photo album without any prior knowledge and skills. You need to just import your images of any format. Using this professional template, you can add your own caption and descriptions about… Read More »

Family History Album Template

This MS Word Family History Book template is a general purpose template to store family tree history and family photos. These high quality family charts can be downloaded to your computer and also printed out in the ease of your home, or to make produce it on durable batter quality paper you can take to… Read More »

Job Performance Review Template

Employee skills performance review is often an important part of an organization’s performance review procedure. Professional management, mainly within Human Resources department, can use this MS Word Job Performance Review template to help workers start a job performance review plan and record their goals, skills, objectives, and knowledge. Job Performance Reviews are essential in the… Read More »

Family Insurance Brochure Template

Then this good looking microsoft® Word Family Insurance Brochure template highly fulfills your requirement and will help out you in achieving your purposes. The use of family photos, the color styles and the way it designed offer it a very inspiring and professional look. This MS word family insurance brochure is developed in microsoft® Word… Read More »

Phone Directory Template

Use this free template to keep track all of your contacts, and their information. You can organize your contacts is a true and tried program that will help you by far manage and store contact information e.g. names, phone, addresses. You can create your own contact list quickly without the bothering of purchasing your own… Read More »

Member Contacts Directory Template

It is the most powerful and advanced contact organizer template for general use. Its photo feature allows you add picture of any contact of your contacts list. It can manage every contact by category and share contacts. You can also send same email to multiple contacts very easily by setting the subject and body once. It… Read More »

Contact Info Template

The member directory template is a assortment of address lists or address books. You can use this Contact Info Template to search email addresses, names, and manage distribution lists. It can meet your special business requirements. It saves your a lot of time by offering fast search and fast input of contacts from the same… Read More »

Community Meeting Agenda Template

This is an easy to use Community meeting agenda template for meeting room resource scheduling and scheduling meetings. You can use this Community meeting agenda template to schedule board meetings, schedule conference rooms, schedule classrooms, schedule resources, schedule rental cars, schedule church events, schedule tennis courts and even schedule driving instructors. This meeting agenda template can handle… Read More »

School Yearbook Template

With this School yearbook template each student can create his own yearbook or memory book about the daily home work. Then by combining all copies, a class yearbook for each student can be created. The interface of this template makes it easier to make class pages up to 20 students per page. You can create… Read More »

Team Meeting Agenda Template

This Team meeting agenda template focuses on the definite process of recurring work meetings: managing the meetings, preparing the meetings, follow up meeting tasks and decisions, keeping records of every team and every meeting, creating statistical descriptions for all team participation, activities and decision execution. The template has nice interface that increases both staff satisfaction and… Read More »

Tabular Meeting Agenda Template

It provides facility during and before business meetings to keep manage of minutes, plans, and discussions for the prospect. This Tabular meeting agenda template serves multiple principles. Use it to manage meeting agendas, and to discuss important meeting data (where and when the meeting will take place), RSVP directions, etc. It helps the leader of… Read More »

Nice Photo Contact with captions Sheet Template

It is an Image Contact Sheet template designed in MS Word, free photo organizer available for general usage. It has photo contact page having 12 photos and per page, includes building block for placing in extra pages in the document. When you make an album, you can share your photo album with your friends and… Read More »

Sweet Memory Photo frame template

This Memory Photo, microsoft® Word temple is the easy to use and quick photo album with everything you require to organize your photos, perfect your images, and share your precious memories with favorite friends and family. With this template, easily and quickly find and browse photos and share them through Outlook® build in email tool… Read More »